Researcher(s): Jennifer Dixon
Council: Chicago Area Reading Association
Category: Literacy Coaching
Description: Currently I am a member of a Chicago Foundation for Education Study Group focusing on Action Research. My research question (as it currently stands) is "what happens to writing workshop instruction in first grade classrooms when I apply the principles of gradual release of responsibility to my coaching." I am currently at a beginning stage where I am research about my topic, after which I will probably refine my research question. For more information, contact Jennifer Dixon.

Update: February 20, 2010
My research question has been changed to: What are the effects of literacy coaching on teacher implementation and confidence with new instructional strategies? I am attaching the power point I created to share my research. I have to give the primary teachers I am working with one more survey and then I will complete the power point.

I have also attached the first and second survey I gave the teachers after they participated in literacy coaching and PD for different amounts of time. The first survey was given only after an introduction to both reading and writing workshop, which the second survey was given after some of the teachers had received coaching using an observation/debrief model, as well as additional PD provided during grade level meetings and staff development days. Check out what I have done so far and feel free to contact me with any questions!
Jennifer Dixon

Update: February 21, 2010
Here is an Action Research "Placemat" that my mentor from CFE suggested we use. It is a helpful organizational tool for those considering action research to evaluate the effectiveness of their practice!

My third and final Literacy Coaching survey is going to be given on Monday, February 22nd. I have attached the survey below.

Update: March 10, 2010
I have updated my Action Research power point to reflect the new data I received from the February 22nd survey. Now I need some help! What is the next step? Should I create a section for a summary of the research and then another section for suggestions? What is the last section called? I keep thinking it is called "Implications for future practice?" What are your thoughts? I should probably also include a review of literature at the beginning of my paper when I start it. I have gathered eight articles and I have read two books on coaching that I could probably use. Any other suggestions?
Jennifer Dixon